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Baron Yamazaki

Baron Yamazaki

[ Birthday ]

August 5th


【where one is from】

Ibaraki Prefecture



Watching professional wrestling, watching science fiction movies, driving


[ Corresponding dialect]

Ibaraki dialect


business partnership


Content during OA

"New Japan Pro-Wrestling" Match Opening V / Fan VTR / TVCM Narration

"BS Asahi Movie Announcement" Narration in general

"Hello! Project Work Challenge" dTV Narration

"Saturday Kingdom" Ibaraki Broadcasting 5-hour wide program ・ Radio personality

"FC Tokyo Viva Paradise" J: COM Channel live commentary and narration

"FUN! FUN! Rugby" J: COM Channel live commentary and narration

"Book CM Narration" Kodansha, Kino Books, etc.

"Bushiroad Rock Festival" Bushiroad Music CM Narration

(As of November 2020)

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